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Now there is an app that improves your physical coordination
and cognitive function in an integrated way.
The practice is Awareness Through Movement®. 
The app is Feldenkrais® First. 

Feldenkrais First is more fun than any meditation app, exercise class, or health practice I've ever done. Their understanding of functional anatomy is superb, and the teaching is a model of clarity. Every lesson is rich with pointers and concepts that help me take this into my life.—Phyllis Kaplan, MD


High-reward, not high-risk.

...and with a lot more neurons. Feldenkrais First brings you upstream of your habits to deepen the way you improve, learn and train. It's your intelligent on-ramp to the activities you love, and an off-ramp away from your corrosive patterns and the injuries they create.  

Build coordination you can trust.

"Without question, Feldenkrais helps players perform better. I encourage the younger guys towards these sessions." —Peter Harold, NHL Player Development Coach, Carolina Hurricanes 

Jeff Haller is a master of functional movement. He sees things in your body you can't even feel! I wish I'd met him when I was a rookie on the PGA Tour!" —Brad Faxon, Champions Tour Golfer

“Andrew's teaching is so clear and specific. I don't say this lightly—I'm pain-free. 
I feel like I had successful surgery on my spine. The audio lessons feel as good as in-person, hands-on sessions.” —Lisbeth Davidow, Feldenkrais Practitioner

Members receive: 

  • A comprehensive library of audio and video Awareness Through Movement sessions, searchable by skill level, pattern, position, and anatomy. 
    • Introductory Sessions that present the foundational principles and strategies of the practice. 
    • Classic Sessions that teach you seminal Awareness Through Movement sessions.
    • Targeted Series to take you step-by-step through specific functional themes and advanced skills. 
    • Discovery Sections to keep your practice fresh and relevant in your life.   
  • Live Classes taught by world-renowned teachers with decades of experience.
  • A Vibrant Community providing connection, reflection and support. Share conversation, resources, articles and experiences with other members.
  • Podcasts with professionals and peers from related fields of application.  
  • Essential Theory to inform your practical and intellectual understanding.
  • Webinars and Workshops to go deeper into the practice. 

“Your level of discourse—the intelligence—that you bring to this method is unique.
It’s not only smart, but understandable and practical. The point is I FEEL MORE INTELLIGENT, articulate, more of the person I want to be in the world.” —M’Lissa Hayes, Feldenkrais Practitioner

Working with Feldenkrais First has transformed my life. I've ditched the cane, avoided surgery, and the way I’m walking, moving, and supporting myself in sitting and standing has continued to improve as I practice the principles, strategies, and understandings that Andrew teaches.” —Greg Sam, Professional Poker Player

If you are:

  • Physically active: If your workouts are more painful than productive, if exercise is more drudgery than discovery, we'll help you uncover better strength, stability and refinement in your attention and coordination. 
  • A performing artist or athlete: If you make your living on the stage, field or arena, you want a practice that is not only neurologically nourishing and strategically intelligent but gives you a clearer experience of dexterity, flexibility and power. Awareness Through Movement will give you a smarter and more sustainable connection to your sport or art. 

  • A thinker and optimizer: For those of us who seek mental clarity and efficiency, you'll find a theoretical framework that's both science-based, testable and relevant to real life. 

  • In your second half: Dignify these, your later decades. Awareness Through Movement will become your trusted laboratory of learning and refinement so that your activities of daily living become safer, stronger and smoother again. 

  • An inquisitive mind and sincere seeker: For a richer and more stable sense of self, explore an embodied practice that brings equanimity and composure into your posture and coordination.

  • Often injured or not-quite-coordinated: If you're tired of endless prescriptions, and want an intelligent practice that teaches you coordination at a humane pace, you'll build better habits so you don't slide back into the way things used to be. 

  • Introverted or shy: If you hate crowded gyms, noisy classes and barking teachers, Awareness Through Movement is a contemplative yet rigorous practice that uses your sensitivity and intelligence to improve coordination and clarity.

What our members say:

"I don't know any clearer demystification of this work." —Phillip Unseld, Feldenkrais Practitioner

“Their language is so precise, and differs from anybody I know in the motor education field. It has such a powerful effect on sensation.” —Han Gao, Journalist

I have always considered Andrew one of the best Feldenkrais practitioners in the world. His ability to communicate, and make learning fun, coupled with his deep understanding of the Feldenkrais Method, curiosity, and intelligence are awe-inspiring." —Marek Wyszynski, PT, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Gold Medalist National Fencing Champion North America (50+ division)

"I have never experienced someone educating me about my upper back so clearly. I feel like all the places I got stuck in my body from trying to achieve poses in my 14 years of yoga are being addressed now in this totally subtle, easy, kind, curious, non-performance, lovely way." —Jennifer Orchard, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Yoga Teacher

"Andrew's lessons are a rare combination of scientific lens and poetic richness." 
—Shrutee Sharma, Feldenkrais Practitioner

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